El Desvariado is back yet again. This time he's up against a new fighter.

Two drunken champions battle it out for the win. One of these guys got a little too rough at the end, so if you watch closely, you can witness our first drunken injury.



Our first Drunken Girl Match is here. If it's fierce combat you're after, then look no further. These ladies battle it out for real.

This is an extra long match. These guys just wouldn't quit. Six rounds of non-stop action. I split it into two parts due to the length.

Here's a pretty good fight. Introducing a newcomer, "Lucky Strike".


This fight ends with a painful punch in the face. Also introducing a new fighter. Enjoy!


Introducing Kevolar! He's up against our leading champ, EL Desvariado.

Introducing the Grasshopper! Watch as he proves he can handle himself against an old fighter, Sam G.


Introducing two new fighters! This is most definately a drunken match. These guys are great. Enjoy!

I don't quite know how to describe this match. Check it out for yourself.


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