The first match. Watch the founders go head to head in this four round drunken battle to the finish.

Sorry about the lighting in this one. It was getting late and these guys were drinkin' down beers as fast as they could before the sun went down. I lightened it up as much as I could.

Better lighting, better fighting. These guys were ready to go and it shows. Enjoy!

Pretty good battle. Lots of hard hits. "Precious" could of put down a much bigger guy, but he made do just the same.


Not a long match, but a lot happens. Watch as these two make true sense of the word "drunken".


Watch as two drunken brothers battle it out. Only one will be left standing.


Two evenly classed drunken fighters. Good match.

These two drunken fighters go at it until there is only one left in the ring. Who was it and how did it happen? See for yourself..


The dirt in the ring was packed so hard that we decided to water it down. It didn't dry up in time for the match. Needless to say, it made for a pretty good fight.

There are some nice punches in this match. Not quite sure who won the match for sure. What do you think?


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